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Olivia Rodrigo Floated Down On A Purple Cloud In Her First-Ever VMAs Performance

"There might be some flying."

I think we can all acknowledge that Olivia Rodrigo has dominated the music industry this year.

So it's only fitting that she took the stage at the 2021 MTV VMAs for her first-EVER performance there.

Arrow pointing to Olivia onstage with her background dancers

But before she even entered the actual ceremony, she won an award on the red carpet for Push Performance of the Year.

Olivia on the red carpet holding a microphone and smiling with her award

But now for her performance: Because she knows what the people want, she sang "Good 4 U."

Olivia singing into a microphone

First off, I'm OBSESSED with this look.

Olivia accepting her award while wearing a short tiered dress

Second, she wasn't kidding when she teased earlier that "a little flying" might be involved in her performance.

Olivia shown far above the stage during her performance and in a close-up

And let's not forget about the glitter. It's everywhere.

Olivia singing intensely and surrounded by glitter

But beyond just that, the energy alone that I felt from this performance...immaculate.

Olivia performing onstage with captions saying "immediately in character" and "running to her fans"

She just seemed so genuinely happy to be there and so excited to perform.

Olivia singing into the microphone with her eyes closed

Her joy is contagious.

Olivia smiling onstage with her background dancers kneeling around her

And then, immediately following her performance, she won ANOTHER award, for Song of the Year, for "Driver's License."

Olivia smiling onstage and holding an award

We have no choice but to stan.