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    Everyone On TikTok Is Obsessed With Miranda Cosgrove Saying She Cusses, And Even Josh Peck Hopped In On The Fun

    *hard laughter*

    Every millennial remembers the Drake and Josh era on Nickelodeon.

    When Miranda Cosgrove played the iconic scheming, genius little sister.

    Well, now Miranda is all grown up at 28 and no longer the sweet, innocent 11-year-old we once knew.

    Miranda Cosgrove in a dark dress on The Tonight Show

    Recently, a viral interview clip from 2020 of Miranda admitting, "I actually do cuss a little," has resurfaced, and people are OBSESSED.

    Miranda Cosgrove saying she "actually does cuss a little" and that "fuck" is her favorite cuss word

    The sound has blown up on TikTok, so it didn't take long for Josh Peck to hop on and troll his former little sister.

    Once a brother, always a brother.

    His fake laughter really gets me.

    Josh Peck sarcastically laughing

    Josh and Miranda seem to have maintained a good relationship post-Nickelodeon. He just featured her in another one of his TikToks a few days ago, promoting his new book.


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    ♬ original sound - Josh Peck

    All I ask is that we get more TikToks with both of them!