Megan Thee Stallion Released Another Freestyle Video, And Once Again, She Doesn't Miss

    Whatever the opposite of a "secret hottie" is — I'm that.

    Hotties and "secret hotties" — what's good?

    Megan Thee Stallion just dropped her latest freestyle video, "Tuned In," and when I tell y'all it doesn't miss...

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    Megan Thee Stallion / Via

    At this point, I'm entirely convinced Megan could make a rap about a cockroach sound amazing.

    Megan walking in a rodeo arena in a bedazzled bodysuit, chaps, a matching hat and gloves, and a cowboy hat

    And not even just the rap, look at the FIT.

    Megan is dancing in a neon crop top, matching booty shorts, sunglasses and diamond jewelry

    Honestly, the whole video is a mood.

    But what I'm really here to talk about is this Pokémon reference: "I got these [redacted] blushin', lookin' like they Pikachu, I'm the hot girl, feelin' like Charizard, and he know he finna win if he get my card."


    "Tuned In" is one in a series of freestyle rap videos the H-town hottie occasionally releases to give fans a little taste into the authenticity of her natural flow. There was "Southside Forever" back in February...

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    Megan Thee Stallion / Via

    This one is super powerful and references the deaths of her mother and grandma — personally, one of my favorites.

    Then, "Outta Town Freestyle" in early August...

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    Megan Thee Stallion / Via

    This is similar to "Tuned In" in that she raps about confidence and the rise of her career.

    And with "Tuned In," it certainly seems like Megan had some ~items~ to her haters.

    So stop worrying about Megan, and let her live her hot girl fantasy!

    And let's all hope she decides to release these on an album one day!