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    Megan Thee Stallion's Video For "Cry Baby" Is Giving Me Major R-Rated "Toy Story" Vibes

    Woody, cover your eyes.

    Megan Thee Stallion's new music video for "Cry Baby," featuring DaBaby, is here!

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    It seems as if the whole internet is already buzzing about the nostalgia of the video because it's shot in a pretend toy store.

    screenshot of megan thee stallion's music video for cry baby where there are miniature versions of each dancer inside a toy store
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    A very naughty toy store.

    But all I could think about during the whole three minutes is that it's like watching Toy Story if Toy Story were rated R and super sexually explicit.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    And I mean this in the best way.

    Like, almost every scene could be considered a Toy Story reference.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Which I'm sure was the intention.

    For example, here's the Barbie in Toy Story.

    Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar / Via

    And here's Meg.

    screenshot of megan thee stallion's music video for cry baby where there are dancers and megan dancing inside the store
    300 Entertainment /

    She's definitely supposed to be either a Barbie or a Polly Pocket, right?

    Meg even has her own "Barbie Dream House," similar to "Ken's Dream House" in Toy Story 3.

    a barbie hotel
    300 Entertainment /

    And isn't there a part in the first movie where Buzz jumps off the bed to "fly" and lands in a Hot Wheel and then zooms through the whole track??

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Because that felt like this.

    300 Entertainment /

    I feel like Buzz and Woody drive a Hot Wheel together at one point too.

    And then Barbie gives a little tour in Toy Story 2...

    screenshot of toy story where the characters are driving in a car, in the car is mr potato head, a dog and barbie
    Aaron Waters / Via

    ...which is a lot like this scene.

    screenshot of megan thee stallion's music video for cry baby where there is a miniature version of meg and dababy driving in a car inside the store
    300 Entertainment /

    Meg even included the dinosaur in her video.

    Aaron Waters / Via, 300 Entertainment /

    And of course, we can't forget the ending of the music video, where the store owner walks back in on all of the toys jamming.

    300 Entertainment /

    The plot of literally every Toy Story movie is, "Don't let the humans know we're alive."

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Except that in Megan's version...they kind of blew their cover.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    All I'm saying is that in the next Toy Story film, I expect to see Woody shake some ass.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    What do you think of the "Cry Baby" video? Do you see the Toy Story parallels? Let us know in the comments!

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