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    Maxine Waters Being A Fan Of "WAP" Just Made My Whole Day

    "Then they told me to look at, was it 'WAP'?"

    Megan Thee Stallion's "hotties" just got their newest addition!

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    As it turns out, THE Rep. Maxine Waters happens to be a fan of Megan's music.

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    It's surprising but also maybe not, considering that the woman's got taste.

    Both women recently sat down for an interview to discuss their respective work and empowering Black women in America.

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    There was more than one notable highlight, including Maxine's beautiful words of praise for Megan's ability to overcome adversity and constant criticism.

    Megan Thee Stallion and Maxine Waters talking to each other during a video chat
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    "For some people that don't have courage and don't have confidence, they don't understand it when they see it in other people, so you should be proud of that," said Maxine.

    But probably the BEST part was when Maxine confessed her love for Megan's music, particularly "WAP."

    Maxine saying to Megan, "But then they told me to look at, was it 'WAP'?" during video chat
    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    Maxine wasn't about to leave without discussing "WAP."

    And then peered over her shoulder at whoever was behind her.

    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    While Megan clearly dies.

    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    Maxine had a very honest "WAP" review and commended Megan on the "audacity" of the song.

    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    "That is the ability for women to take charge of what they want to say."

    Maxine also said that she came across "Savage," the remixed Beyoncé version, on her own.

    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    She also told Megan that she "liked the idea of getting together with Beyoncé."

    Harper's Bazaar / Via

    I wonder if she tried the dance.

    It's hard to know whether Maxine was more impressed by Megan's courage in creating "WAP" or the fact that Beyoncé wanted to work with her.

    NAACP / Via

    What do you think of the duo's interview?

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