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Madison Beer Wore Beyonce's 2003 Dress To The 2021 VMAs

It's giving Beyoncé.

The VMAs are happening now and these stars have been EATING UP the red carpet.

"Selfish" singer Madison Beer wore this:

Madison wearing a short spaghetti strap dress laced up detailing down the sides

And if you're thinking she looks beautiful, yes.

But if you're also thinking this dress looks a little'd be right. Queen Bey wore an almost identical dress in 2003 for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

And because Twitter is packed with mini detectives, they noticed it immediately.

Madison Beer wearing the same dress as Beyoncé in 2003 at the 2021 vmas #VMAs #MadisonBeer

@bbeyfobic / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @bbeyfobic

Madison Beer paying homage to Beyoncé with the Dolce & Gabbana 2003 Powder Pink Lace Up Dress. IKDR!!!!

@__Onixivy_ / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @__Onixivy_

Zendaya paying tribute to Beyoncé at the 2021 bet awards Madison Beer paying tribute to Beyoncé at the 2021 vmas Beyoncé is the STANDARD 👑 #VMA

@bbeyfobic / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @bbeyfobic

24 years of career, and Beyoncé is still the Blueprint. This called IMPACT @madisonbeer #VMAs

@Obdjsama / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Obdjsama

It takes a certain je nais se quois to wear the same dress as Beyoncé and look just as good as she did. Madison Beer is simply that girl

@uwitmeorwhat / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @uwitmeorwhat

who run the world? definitely beyoncé and madison beer

@positionsmb / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @positionsmb

Turns out, this is actually the exact same dress. It's from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2003 collection, and is made of rose pink silk and leather.

I'm personally impressed they were both so willing to wear a corset for an extended period of time, but they look amazing!