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    It Finally Happened: Maddie Ziegler Is On TikTok

    Maddie walked so Charli could run.

    It finally happened. Maddie Ziegler — THE Maddie Ziegler — created her own TikTok account.

    The TikTok-dance community has thoroughly commented about Maddie's absence from the app for more than a year.

    And fans have been practically begging the former Dance Moms star to make an account ever since Mackenzie made hers back in 2019. But Maddie continually refused.

    Although she has popped up numerous times on Mackenzie's account and that of her other friends, like Cameron Field.

    Every time Maddie makes an appearance on TikTok, the commenters start popping off about how she could "dominate" the app and "destroy careers."

    All of the other OG Dance Moms stars, including Nia Sioux, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, Jojo Siwa, Kalani Hilliker, and Brooke and Paige Hyland, have accounts.

    But never Maddie...until now.

    And WHAT an entrance. Coming in strong with the Renegade.

    The lighting, the dance, the caption: "am i late lol?" It's all perfect.

    She's only posted two videos so far in the 24 hours since making the account, but give it time. She will take her rightful place as queen.

    So...yeah. I'm ready to see some superb dancing.