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    Mackenzie Ziegler Just Opened Up About Being Cheated On And Her "Toxic Exes" On TikTok

    "I got cheated on multiple times, more than I can even count on my hand."

    Mackenzie Ziegler, younger sister of Maddie Ziegler and former contestant on The Masked Dancer, has been singing since she was but a wee thing on Dance Moms.

    Mackenzie performing in a dance routine

    But until quite recently, I had never really seen her publicly talk about the inspiration behind her music.

    In her newest song, "Happy for Me," which was released in September, she sings about finally feeling happy in a "healthy" relationship.

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    Kenzie went into more detail in a TikTok video she posted Monday about the meaning behind the song.

    "I wanted to tell you guys what 'Happy for Me' is about, since I'm sure a lot of you don't know," she said in the video.

    MacKenzie smiling

    "Every single relationship I've been in — before my boyfriend now — has been so toxic. I have gotten cheated on multiple times, more than I can even count on my hands and probably more than I will ever know, because I genuinely don't know," she started to explain.

    Mackenzie looking to the side

    "I got cheated on and it got brought to the internet. It was really hard because I had to find out with everyone else. I was humiliated; It was terrible," she said.

    Mackenzie looking to the other side

    "But now I have a boyfriend — a great boyfriend — and we've been dating for a year and a couple of months," she said happily. "I met him on TikTok and now we're here, which is crazy."

    Mackenzie smiling and looking to the side

    She went on to tell her fans how important she thinks it is for people to stay out of a toxic relationship once they're out: "I know it's like a thing to go back to your toxic ex, or go for the bad boy instead of the good boy because it's fun in the moment — which I totally did back then," she said.

    Mackenzie looking down

    "So yeah, I wanted to write 'Happy for Me' because it's about my toxic exes, but [also] about how happy I am now for myself in this relationship," she added. "I think the main part of the song is that I'm just happy that I'm out of it, I'm happy that I've gotten past all of it, and now I'm just...happy!"

    Mackenzie smiling and raising her arms

    I'm happy for you too, Kenz!!