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    Lizzo's TikTok About How She Spent Her Day On Juneteenth Was So Wholesome

    "Cuz it's Juneteenth, baby."

    Lizzo celebrated Juneteenth by spreading the wealth — literally.

    BET / Via

    On Sunday, she posted a video on TikTok explaining all of the places in Los Angeles she visited on Juneteenth and all of the incredible people she met.

    Lizzo posing in one of her TikTok videos
    @Lizzo / Via

    Everywhere she went, she handed out money, bought out stores, paid for people's lunches, or just spread general cheer.

    @lizzo / Via

    Basically, she's Santa Claus.

    First, she hit up Leimert Park and "ran into some people from Houston."

    @lizzo / Via

    Then she chatted it up with "this lovely lady."

    @lizzo / Via

    She then went to get "authentic" Jamaican food and, uh, bought everyone there lunch.

    @lizzo / Via

    What a hero.

    She made some employees' day at Southern Girl Desserts, a Black female-owned bakery.

    @lizzo / Via

    She popped into Malik Books to pick out 80 books to purchase — the exact number the store employee said they normally sell in a day.

    @lizzo / Via

    "He said he sold about 80 books a day. ... So, I bought 80 books."

    And finally, she went to a Black-owned beauty store, The Girl Cave LA, and "let everyone have a shopping spree in the store..."

    @lizzo / Via

    ...before chatting it up with the owner on her way out.

    @lizzo / Via

    But the best part: this group hug with some fans.

    @lizzo / Via

    I teared up a little.

    And she did all of it while wearing this dreamlike fit!!!!

    Lizzo wearing a multicolored wide-sleeved dress as she waves to fans
    @lizzo / Via

    Like, what a goddess.

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