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    Lin-Manuel Miranda Explained Why He Didn't Submit "We Don't Talk About Bruno" For The Oscars

    Justice for Bruno.

    "We Don't Talk About Bruno" is not only the most streamed song on Spotify from Disney's Encanto, but it spent THREE weeks at number one on Billboard's global chart, and is the highest-charting Disney song in 26 years.

    Still from Encanto

    It's nothing short of a straight bop.

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    Like, I know you glide around the house singing "We Don't Talk About Bruno" at least three times a week.

    Maribel surrounded by her family singing to her

    And probably have "7-foot frame, rats along his back" constantly replaying over and over in your head.

    Bruno looking scary

    Which is why so many Encanto fans were shocked when "Dos Oruguitas" received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song over "Bruno" at this year's Academy Awards.

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    What are the odds that, lack of nomination be damned, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is performed at the Oscars? 2/1? 1/1?

    @mousterpiece / Via Twitter: @mousterpiece

    Lin Manuel Miranda didn't submit We Don't Talk About Bruno for the Oscars? Mara why Miranda, why?

    @itslaviniak / Via Twitter: @itslaviniak

    Sick that Disney submitted Dos Oroguitas for the Oscars instead of We Don't Talk About Bruno. They're both great songs but imagine the entire cast performing WDTAB live at the Oscars

    @honeymoron / Via Twitter: @honeymoron

    pissed off about the fact that we don't talk about bruno isn't getting an oscars performance like we really could've had the venue turn pink and diane guerrero entering the stage from the ceiling with flowers falling all around her and shit

    @taylordspatrol / Via Twitter: @taylordspatrol

    Disney when they realized We Don’t Talk About Bruno was not the Encanto song they submitted to the Oscars:

    @disney__tasthic / Via Twitter: @disney__tasthic

    Well, the lyrical genius behind Encanto, Lin-Manuel Miranda, said he had a good reason for submitting "Dos Oruguitas" over "Bruno" for the Oscars nod.

    butterfly landing on a plant

    "I’m still proud of ‘Dos Oruguitas’ as the submission,” Miranda told Variety. “When those are the parameters, you have to pick the thing that best exemplifies the spirit of the movie, and it contains all of it inside this song – as opposed to a journey of a particular character."

    Lin-Manuel Miranda at a red carpet event
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    "It’s the foundational story, but I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard [to choose]," he added.

    Miranda talking on a panel
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    So there you have it, Encanto fans. Although many of us may disagree (because "Bruno" ain't nothin' if not a BOP), I stand by Lin-Manuel's decision and agree that it does beautifully articulate the movie's theme.

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    What was your favorite song from Encanto? Let us know in the comments below!