I Watched “The Kissing Booth 3” So You Don’t Have To, And Here’s Who Elle Ended Up With

    Marco vs. Noah, round three.

    The third and final installment of The Kissing Booth, appropriately titled The Kissing Booth 3, dropped last week on Netflix.

    The second movie ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Elle trying to decide which college to attend after getting accepted to both Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley.

    Elle looking at two acceptance letters from Harvard and Berkeley nervously

    So, for those of you wondering WDED (What Did Elle Do) but who don't want to take the time to watch the two-hour movie — don't worry, I gotchu.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    The third movie is all about Elle making choices — who she wants to love, what she wants to do with her life, and learning to choose for herself, based on what she wants rather than what she thinks will make other people happy.

    Elle saying she hasn't spent time making herself happy

    The movie wastes no time jumping right into the drama. Turns out, Elle has decided where she’s going to school: Harvard, meaning she’s breaking her lifelong promise to Lee to attend Berkley. She finally comes clean about her choice, and obviously, Lee isn't happy.

    Elle telling Noah she is going to Harvard and Noah spinning her around while Lee looks sad

    To make it up to him, Elle whips out their old summer bucket list from when they were children and vows they will complete the entire list before the summer is over. The only problem is that Elle is now trying to juggle having a boyfriend, working a server job at the restaurant to make money for college, and completing a very involved bucket list with her best friend.

    Elle holding up their summer bucket list

    In another unfortunate turn of events, Lee and Noah's parents confess they are selling their beloved beach house, aka the place the main trio spent most of their childhood.

    Noah hammering in a "for sale" sign, and Lee removing it

    Enter Chloe and Marco, the two potential secondary love interests for Elle and Noah. Chloe was Noah's college friend with whom Elle suspected he was cheating (he wasn't), and Marco was the dance king who competed with Elle in the D.D.R competition and then...kissed her on stage in front of Noah. Anyway! Turns out, Marco got a summer job at the nearby water park, and Noah invited Chloe to come stay in the beach house with everyone for part of the summer.

    Marco talking to Elle and Chloe on the phone with Noah

    Elle finds herself struggling to juggle all three of her commitments throughout the rest of the movie, including dealing with her dad's new super-serious girlfriend, Linda.

    Lee and Elle juggling

    Everything comes to a head when Noah and Lee find out separately that Elle lied about NOT getting into Berkeley (she originally said she was waitlisted). Noah and Elle break up because Noah doesn't want to be "responsible for her making a decision she'll regret" (i.e. choosing Harvard for him), and Lee and Elle get into it and stop speaking for a bit.

    Noah telling Elle he doesn't want to be responsible for her decision

    Lee and Rachel (Lee's girlfriend from the first and second movies) end up breaking up because Rachel worries that long distance will be too hard for them.

    Rachel saying she thinks she and Lee should break up

    In the end, thanks to some wise words from Molly Ringwald (who plays the mother of Lee and Noah, as well as Elle’s mom’s best friend), Elle realizes that she's spent way too much time worrying about other people and not enough time figuring out what she actually wants in life.

    Lee's mom telling Elle to make decisions for herself

    Everyone makes up eventually and they decide to move forward on good terms, but the couples remain broken up.

    Elle explaining to Lee why she has to make decisions for herself

    So, she decides to apply to USC's video game program. Not gonna lie...her interview is rough at first, but she saves herself by dropping some fire gaming ideas and gets accepted into the program.

    Elle in her college interview for USC

    But wait, there's more. Six years later, we see Elle has graduated from USC and has a swanky new job designing video games. Lee and Rachel did end up together and are engaged, and Noah appears in a dapper suit, confirming that he is now a lawyer.

    Elle, Noah, Rachel and Lee six-years later

    After some heavy flirting between Noah and Elle (and no more Marco in sight), the movie ends with the pair riding off into the sunset together on their separate motorcycles.

    Elle and Noah riding motorcycles together

    So in the end, Elle chooses...herself? Although much is left unsaid, it's strongly suggested that she and Noah might have a romance again in the near future.

    Oh, and don't worry, the kissing booth stood the test of time and is apparently still used as a fundraiser each year.

    And that's a wrap! The Kissing Booth trilogy has officially come to an end. Let us know what you thought about the finale in the comments below!