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    Keke Palmer Once Called Wendy Williams Out On Her Own Show, Plus 15 Other Times She Was A Gift To This Planet

    Sorry to this man — if you don't know who Lauren Keyana Palmer is.

    If you think about some of the most viral memes and expressions of the past few years, Keke Palmer's name is probably attached.

    I'm talking memes, trending TikTok sounds, popular idioms — Keke has consistently managed to shine bright (free of controversy, I might add) in not only Hollywood but pop culture.

    And she has been slept on faaaaar too long. So here are 16 of her greatest moments that just remind me what a true gift she is to this world.

    1. Her viral "Oh, oh, oh" Met Gala interview with Megan Thee Stallion that remains a trending sound on TikTok.

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    Selena Celeste / Vogue / Via

    2. And then the follow-up of her explaining that sound, which is almost better: "Why am I at my job doing that?"

    3. Obviously, the "Sorry to this man" meme.

    4. When she entered the music industry for a minute, dropped this bomb song (and later an album), and then left.

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    Disney / Via

    "It's My Turn Now" is a bop.

    5. Actually, just her entire appearance in the Jump In movie.

    Still of Keke from the movie

    6. Her "2000s mom" TikTok series.


    Those angles HIT differently with a flip phone 😶😏 #tbt

    ♬ Goodies (feat. Petey Pablo) - Ciara

    7. When she gave a passionate monologue stating what we were all thinking about Rose and Jack in Titanic.

    Keke saying how everybody knows that Rose "should have gotten up off that bed and shared it with him," instead of letting "a brother freeze to death before her very eyes"

    8. When Wendy Williams tried to victim-blame Keke for her 2017 "sexual intimidation" case against Trey Songz, and Keke had this response:

    Keke tells Wendy she would have loved to see her be "a little more compassionate and less accusatory," and when Wendy asks why she didn't just leave, she says because she was nervous in a situation where someone was challenging her sexually

    9. And then in the same interview, when Wendy rudely interrupted Keke's recounting of her sexual abuse and Keke still had the wherewithal to beautifully articulate her sexuality.

    Wendy asks Keke if she's "sexually fluid," and Keke says she likes "whoever loves me" and she doesn't "want to limit [herself] to one feeling or one idea of anything"

    10. When she hosted the 2020 MTV VMAs and did this little bit with herself.

    Keke wearing cap and sunglasses and saying "Baby girl, you're lookin' as fine and fly as a half-chilled bucket of wine"

    11. When she starred on Scream Queens and stole the show.

    Can I get a Diet Coke? On the rocks; actually, make it a regular; I've been through a lot

    12. When she made sure everyone knew Lili Reinhart is more than just "the actress from Riverdale" during a Hustlers interview.

    Keke says "Lili REINhart; OK?" after someone says "The actress from RIverdale is here"

    13. Her breakout, tearjerking performance in Akeelah and the Bee.

    Keke spelling "argillaceous" at the microphone

    14. That time she called out the National Guard at a Black Lives Matter protest, saying, "March with us, march beside us. March beside us and show us that you're here for us."

    Twitter: @GadiNBC

    15. When she appeared on MTV's Cribs in 2009 and dropped this truth about why her fridge is so empty.

    Keke standing holding the door to her half-empty fridge open and saying "Not too much, we eat all the food up in here"

    16. And finally, when she practically spoon-fed us the "But the gag is" meme.

    What's your favorite Keke Palmer moment? Let me know in the comments below!