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    "The Flight Attendant" Is Amazing And I Think Kaley Cuoco Should Win An Emmy

    Cross-check complete.

    HBO has done it again. Their newest series The Flight Attendant somehow manages to take an extremely dark topic — murder — and make a show that feels both lighthearted and thrilling.

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    It's like riding a medium-level roller coaster.

    Hands down the best part of the show is Kaley Cuoco, who is also obviously the star.

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    Well, Kaley and Shane (Griffin Matthews).

    For someone like me, who thinks of Kaley Cuoco in terms of the ditzy-but-loving blonde on The Big Bang Theory, seeing her play an alcoholic flight attendant with severe PTSD who is plagued by a murder scandal is a HUGE leap.

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    Although Penny did have her fair share of issues.

    The range of emotions she portrays in every scene is incredible.

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    Someone give her an Emmy.

    She can fake a panic attack so well in her acting that I actually feel my own heart racing when I watch her.

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    A little shiver goes up my spine.

    And her ability to convey the feeling of being completely hollow, in the depths of despair, is impressive, to say the least.

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    Those are hollow eyes if I ever saw them.

    Like, look at the face she makes in this scene:

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    I've never made a phone call to my best friend after waking up next to a dead guy, but I can imagine this is what it would look like.

    And this one:

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    I would say someone should hug her, but Annie's got that covered.

    The scene where she gets in her head and kind of loses herself for a moment felt very realistic.

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    Note to self: Never stare at a painting of a praying mantis for too long.

    She's just so adept at playing a woman on the edge.

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    You know, just stumbling around New York after witnessing two homicides.

    I feel like I owe a public apology to Kaley Christine Cuoco for not realizing she was capable of taking on such an intense role.

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    (And while we're at it, Kristen Wiig, too.)

    Kaley, I'm so sorry. You deserve all the respect!

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    Not that I didn't respect her before! But