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    14 Of The Best Julie Andrews Moments In "The Princess Diaries"

    Queen shit.

    It has officially been 20 years (don't worry, we're all in denial) since Julie Andrews first graced our screens as Queen Clarisse Renaldi in The Princess Diaries.

    Queen Clarisse smiling

    Which means, now is the perfect opportunity for me to shout about my love for one of the most iconic actors of all time: Julie Andrews.

    In honor of The Princess Diaries' 20th birthday, here are 14 of Julie Andrews' most iconic lines and moments from the first film.

    1. When she lowkey trolled Mia's word choice.

    Mia said, "My mom said you wanted to talk to me about, shoot" to which Clarisse responed, "Oh, before I...shoot,' I wanted to give you something"

    2. And then was continuously baffled by early-2000s teen slang.

    Mia sayd, "Me? A--A princess? Shut UP" to which Clarisse says indignantly, "I beg your pardon"

    3. When she discreetly wiped the grime off of Helen's mug.

    4. When she completely roasted Mia's clunky walk.

    5. When she gracefully shut down an annoying reporter.

    6. When she was taken aback by the very thought of carrying loose change.

    Mia asks if she has any change and Clarisse says "No, it's not appropriate for royalty to jingle"

    7. When she tried so hard to eat the corn dog and like it.

    8. When she stuck to her principles about how she enters and exits cars.

    Clarisse says she never slides into cars

    9. When she forgot all social etiquette after a hug.

    10. When she had to think fast to get Amelia out of being arrested and finessed good publicity and a free ride home.

    Clarisse using an emergency break to knight a police officer on the fly

    11. And then when she gave a swift nod to her new besties while exiting.

    Clarisse says "Goodbye, trolley people"

    12. When she was all of us after losing a game.

    13. And then after losing, she decided to get serious.

    She has an arm wrestling match with an animatronic arm

    14. And finally, when Mia showed up late, soaking wet, and severely underdressed to the ball and Clarisse couldn't have been prouder.

    In summary, Julie Andrews can do no wrong. But as Queen Clarisse, she was on a different level.

    And if this post got you feel nostalgic, you can relive all of Julie Andrews' glory by streaming The Princess Diaries on Disney +!