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    13 Jojo Siwa Moments On "Dance Moms" That Proved She'd One Day Be An Icon

    "Jojo with the bow-bow" and the grade A confidence.

    The world currently knows Jojo Siwa as the rainbow enthusiastic, side pony-tail wearing, unapologetically big personality that she is.

    But before Jojo became an icon, she was a kid on Dance Moms, delivering one-liners and serving looks that would sometimes shake Abby Lee (and the moms) to their core.

    Here are 13 times Jojo's quick wit and strong personality foreshadowed her becoming the icon she is today:

    1. When she called herself a "Hollywood star."

    2. When she wore this for her introduction to Dance Moms...

    3. ...and then solidified herself as a confident queen.

    4. When Jessalyn Siwa — Jojo's mom — told another mom that Jojo placed two points higher than her daughter in a competition, and Jojo had this response:

    5. That time Jojo absolutely demolished the twerking part of the performance of "Boss Ladies."

    6. When she praised Nia and called out the other girls in the same sentence.

    7. That time she dragged Kendall for not wanting to do a duet with her.

    8. Her next-level idolization of Miley Cyrus.

    9. When Abby told Jojo to stop crying (classic) and she stated the obvious.

    10. And then followed it up with this roast after Abby told her to leave.

    11. How she never let the haters get to her.

    12. When she literally farted on national television.

    13. And finally, for continuously believing in herself despite all the odds.

    What are your favorite moments from Dance Moms? Let us know in the comments!