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    13 Jojo Siwa Moments On "Dance Moms" That Proved She'd One Day Be An Icon

    "Jojo with the bow-bow" and the grade A confidence.

    The world currently knows Jojo Siwa as the rainbow enthusiastic, side pony-tail wearing, unapologetically big personality that she is.

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    But before Jojo became an icon, she was a kid on Dance Moms, delivering one-liners and serving looks that would sometimes shake Abby Lee (and the moms) to their core.

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    Here are 13 times Jojo's quick wit and strong personality foreshadowed her becoming the icon she is today:

    1. When she called herself a "Hollywood star."

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    She manifested it and made it so.

    2. When she wore this for her introduction to Dance Moms...

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    I mean... "big personality" is an understatement.

    3. ...and then solidified herself as a confident queen.

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    We love to see it.

    4. When Jessalyn Siwa — Jojo's mom — told another mom that Jojo placed two points higher than her daughter in a competition, and Jojo had this response:

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    Poor Sarah was the one being slandered.

    5. That time Jojo absolutely demolished the twerking part of the performance of "Boss Ladies."

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    Lowkey inappropriate dance for preteens but so it goes with Abby Lee.

    6. When she praised Nia and called out the other girls in the same sentence.

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    We all knew Nia was an angel.

    7. That time she dragged Kendall for not wanting to do a duet with her.


    (Although she did say in 2019 that she didn't know this clip would air.)

    8. Her next-level idolization of Miley Cyrus.

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    It's cute especially because she later got to meet Miley.

    9. When Abby told Jojo to stop crying (classic) and she stated the obvious.

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    10. And then followed it up with this roast after Abby told her to leave.

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    Jojo never fails to call them like she sees them.

    11. How she never let the haters get to her.

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    Stay true to yourself queen.

    12. When she literally farted on national television.

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    It didn't even faze her.

    13. And finally, for continuously believing in herself despite all the odds.

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    What are your favorite moments from Dance Moms? Let us know in the comments!