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    Here Are 17 Extremely Necessary Items You Can Thank Indigenous People For Inventing

    You'll be surprised how animal bladders were used.

    1. The kayak

    An Inuit kayaking

    2. Rubber

    A neon-colored rubber ball

    3. Sunglasses

    A wooden pair of sunglasses

    4. Harvesting corn

    An Indigenous girl grinds corn as a man stands to the side

    5. Snow goggles

    An illustration of snow goggles

    6. Snow shoes

    An illustration of two Native Americans using snowshoes as they hunt bison

    7. Chewing gum

    A closeup of the Sapodilla tree

    8. Mouthwash

    A closeup of the goldthread plant in bloom

    9. Oral contraceptives

    10. Hammocks

    A person lounging on a hammock as another adult and a child look on

    11. Syringes

    A syringe on top of a bottle labeled COVID-19 Vaccine

    12. Pain Relievers

    A closeup of the trunk of a tree

    13. Baby bottles

    A person bottle feeding a baby

    14. Cable suspension bridges

    15. Raised-bed agriculture

    A lavender field

    16. Suppositories

    17. Bunk beds

    A bunk bed with clothes strewn on top