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    I Compared The 2007 And 2021 "ICarly" Pilots, And This Show Knows Its Audience

    So far, no Gibby in sight.

    Hello, fellow millennials (and zillennials).

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    You know as well as I do that there was nothing like coming home from a long day at school, kicking off your shoes, grabbing some Goldfish, and plopping down in front of the TV to watch iCarly.

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    And now, the reboot has given us the opportunity to do that all over again! (Except with a bottle of wine instead of Goldfish.)

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    So, in honor of the reboot, I decided to watch the pilot of the OG iCarly to see how much the 2021 version would differ.

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    First, we've got this lovely browser update in the opening theme song.

    Instead of the in the opening we now see a smartphone with someone searching #iCarly
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    LOL, RIP old windows.

    The overall branding is very strong in the reboot, tbh.

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    In the original, Spencer was a struggling artist living in Seattle...


    Now, he's a mega-successful artist — still living in the same apartment in Seattle — with a lot more money.

    Spencer toasting gold leaf martinis with two people at his house party

    Also, Spencer was 26 in 2007...

    Paramount+ / Nickelodeon

    Carly is now 26 in 2021.

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    So if, like me, you started watching this show at 13 and are now also 27, you're probably thinking, "Damn." 

    In the original, Carly creates her web show after a video of her and Sam making fun of their teacher blows up. She has all the power and there's very little competition in the digital space.

    Sam says "only 27 people have clicked on it" to which Carly replies, "That's 27,000!"
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    Whereas, in the reboot, Carly has to relaunch her show and is worried about all of the social media marketing and brand upkeep that goes into running a digital site in 2021.

    Paramount+ / Nickelodeon

    She's a little influencer.

    In lieu of Sam, they gave Carly a new BFF/roommate, the queer, confident Harper.

    Paramount+ / Nickelodeon

    Naturally, she and Carly have typical, millennial convos.

    Paramount+ / Nickelodeon

    Their apartment is also super nice, because I guess everyone is rich now?

    Oh, and they make sex jokes.

    "I don't usually do this on the first night but...Should we go somewhere a little more comfortable?"
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    Overall, I give the whole reboot a 10/10. It's fun to watch Carly grow up with her audience.

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    And P.S. Carly swears now! (Peep episode 3.)

    You can watch the first three episodes of the iCarly reboot on Paramount+! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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