Sae-byeok Was Obviously A Standout, So Here Are Some Fun Facts About HoYeon Jung, The Actor Who Plays Her

    When your debut acting role becomes a global phenomenon.

    Warning: minor spoilers throughout.

    Squid Game has given us a lot.

    It introduced us to a new fictional world, made us question our morality as a species, and, most importantly, gave us the tragic character of Sae-byeok (HoYeon Jung).

    So in honor of one of everyone's favorite selfless heroes from the new series, here are 13 facts about breakout star HoYeon Jung.

    1. Squid Game was her first onscreen acting role ever.

    Sae-byeok looking anxious

    2. She is besties with Jennie from Blackpink.

    3. She works as a professional model.

    4. She got into the fashion industry completely on her own.

    5. She placed second on Season 4 of Korea's Next Top Model.

    HoYeon Jung walking in a strapless gown-and-miniskirt combo

    6. In 2016, she became an international modeling sensation for her fiery red hair, which captivated audiences.

    7. HoYeon spent most of her time in between traveling for shoots watching movies, which made her want to get into acting.

    8. She created a journal for Sae-byeok to help herself get into the mind of the character.

    Sae-byeok holding a weapon against the throat of someone

    9. She's currently dating South Korean actor Dong-hwi Lee, who is famous for the TV show Reply.

    Dong-hwi Lee in a bow tie, waving and holding a flower on the red carpet

    10. She is now South Korea's most followed female actor on Instagram.

    11. Her favorite documentary is Netflix's Headspace: Guide to Sleep.

    12. When she found out she was cast as Sae-byeok, she was worried that she couldn't pull off the role.

    Sae-byeok looking down and hugging someone else

    13. And last but not least, she has two siblings: a brother and a sister.