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    Taylor Zakhar Perez Is Hot And Here Are 15 Of His Instagram Posts To Prove It

    An up-and-coming king.

    If you aren't aware of Taylor Zakhar Perez, let me bless your feed real quick.


    Please say hello to Taylor, breakout star of The Kissing Booth franchise and resident hottie.

    I personally don't like to simp over men, but for Taylor, I can make an exception. So to help boost your Wednesday mood, here are 15 of his hottest pictures.

    1. What I'd give to be that pizza.

    2. He can climb me anytime. *eyes*

    3. Head to toe — flawless.

    4. OK, but the DRIP.

    5. Why is the nonchalance a turn on??

    6. I'm sweating.

    7. It's the tie draped over his shoulders for me.

    8. The wind hitting just right.

    9. YOU just hit different.

    10. The black and white does something, idk.

    11. This is probably on his Tinder.

    12. Hit 'em with the sultry gaze.

    13. His audition for The Bachelor.

    14. Honestly, any of his shirtless and/or water bound pics.

    15. Lovin' the casual fit.

    In summary: the man is hot. If you're as thirsty as I am after these, let me know in the comments!