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    6 “Gossip Girl” Side-By-Sides Of The Original Cast Vs. The Reboot Cast

    Monet is giving me major Blair vibes.

    Good morning, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl (2.0) is back!

    The new series started streaming on HBO Max yesterday, and we've been introduced to a whole new cast of characters (with a few brief mentions of the old).

    The new cast of Gossip Girl gathered around the courtyard at school

    While the reboot features completely different characters, there's no denying the similarities between them and some of the original personalities we grew to love.

    In honor of the reboot's release, here are side-by-sides of the 2021 cast in their pilot vs. the OG 2007 cast:

    Jordan Alexander and Blake Lively

    Savannah Smith and Leighton Meester

    Eli Brown and Chace Crawford

    Whitney Peak and Penn Badgley

    Emily Alyn Lind and Taylor Momsen

    Thomas Doherty and Ed Westwick

    What are your thoughts on the Gossip Girl reboot cast? Tell us in the comments below!