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Here Are 21 Of The Funniest Tweets About The Olympics So Far

Glad most of us are feeling humbled.

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So, the Olympics have started. And the competition has already heated up.

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And so has Twitter. If there was a competition for truly hilarious Olympic coverage, these folks would win, hands down.

Here are 21 of the best tweets about the Olympics so far:

1. Imagine thinking you could be Simone "The GOAT" Biles.

“if i was in simone biles position i would—“ you never will be.

Twitter: @telushk

2. Their minds!

[bursts through the door, panting] the jumbo jet the canadian olympic equestrian team uses to transport their horses is called AIR HORSE ONE

@aux_clare / Via Twitter: @aux_clare

3. And that's how to keep up team morale.

if i was a skateboard coach at the olympics i’d just be like make sure ur sick as fuck bro 🤜🤛

@SartoriallyInc / Via Twitter: @SartoriallyInc

4. Just a casual day at the range.

I am obsessed with the stance on this sharpshooter

@Blankzilla / Sam Greenwood / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Blankzilla

5. And this person who tried to mansplain an Olympic sport to an Olympian.

I’m fuckin screaming lol. Yeah dude she qualified for the olympics without ever handling a gun before

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @Superchair14

6. Anything's possible...right?

no one: me thinking I can become a gymnast after watching the Olympics:

@OfficeMemes_ / Via Twitter: @OfficeMemes_

7. Gotta love dads.

Dads love doing a quick Google search and then explaining an obscure Olympic event like they are an expert.

@simoncholland / Via Twitter: @simoncholland

8. Forget the other 46 Olympic sports.

@OoCPokemon / Via Twitter: @OoCPokemon

9. I mean...they did do most of the work.

My strong opinion is the Olympic equestrian horses should get their own medals to wear

@nycsouthpaw / Via Twitter: @nycsouthpaw

10. Can't fool these ears.

Me spotting every video game soundtrack they’re using to play out the athletes #OpeningCeremony #Tokyo2020

@jamesthompson8 / Via Twitter: @jamesthompson8

11. A word!

Personally I think it’s pretty cool we didn’t have to watch the best gymnast in history maybe break her fucking ankle on live TV or something because an entire country made her feel like it was her job to save this Olympics

@ChaseMit / Via Twitter: @ChaseMit

12. The graphic designers knew exactly what they were doing.

@kusujinn / Via Twitter: @kusujinn

13. My dream job.

Greatly enjoyed this brilliant cameraman following the action at the trampoline gymnastics today

@sarahussein / Via Twitter: @sarahussein

14. The games are just a part of the furry agenda.

If the new google olympics doodle is supposed to be furry bait they totally caught me

@YonKaGor / Via Twitter: @YonKaGor

15. *wipes the teardrops off my guitar*

how did so many swifties become olympic athletes????? the only sports i know after years of listening to taylor swift is crying 🥲

@reputushion / Via Twitter: @reputushion

16. It was almost perfect.

There's no Nintendo music in Tokyo Olympics because of their copyright laws lol

@chinchila010 / Via Twitter: @chinchila010

17. It's called working smarter, not harder.

Draymond went to the Olympics with the sole purpose or getting Beal or Dame to ask out I see lol

@JJMaples55_MST / Via Twitter: @JJMaples55_MST

18. So proud of these tweens!

Two 13 year olds : Nishiya Momiji takes the gold women's street #skateboarding and Rayssa Leal takes the silver. Wow I feel so inadequate 😂😂 #Tokyo2020

@hunter_mufc / Ezra Shaw / Patrick Smith / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @hunter_mufc

19. Nothing like a bit of patriotism to get the tears flowing.

@dadvansss / Via Twitter: @dadvansss

20. Pure athleticism can have that effect on people.

Legit sobbing right now lol why are the Olympics so emotional

@jessica_smetana / Via Twitter: @jessica_smetana

21. Let's start a petition to play hip-hop at all equestrian events from now till forever.

We put hip hop music in background of Olympic equestrian dressage (horse dancing) and IT FITS

@zross12 / Via Twitter: @zross12