Here's Why Everyone On Twitter Is Saying Zendaya Should Win Her Second Emmy

    Zendaya never fails to make me cry.

    WARNING: Major spoilers for Euphoria Episode 5!!

    Whew. So...last night's episode of Euphoria was...HEAVY.

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    When Zendaya's got me crying in the first five minutes, you know the episode is gonna be intense.

    At its core, Euphoria is the story of one teenager's struggle with drug addiction and how that impedes every relationship in her life. This episode especially felt like a front row seat into just how everyone in Rue's life responds to her addiction.

    Cassie saying to her friends, "I don't even know why you would believe her, she's a drug addict" in reference to Rue

    But more than anything, we got to see how addiction strips a person of their sense of self, their integrity, and the best parts of who they are.

    Someone off-screen saying "You're not a good person, Rue"

    We watched as Rue, quite literally, blew up her life and felt severe remorse as the consequences of her actions weighed heavy on her conscience — but then, she still couldn’t help but succumb to the only authority she answers to: her addiction.

    The entire opener felt like someone was clenching my heart and twisting it.

    Rue saying she doesn't want to get clean or be here anymore

    And I think what makes Zendaya so incredible is that her line delivery is always unexpected. She's not conventional. She surprises the viewer in a way that keeps you wanting more. Her scenes don't feel like we're watching someone act, but rather, REact to the situation in front of her.

    Jules telling Rue she loves her to which Rue responds "No the fuck you don't. You love being LOVED"

    She has a way of taking scenes with extreme emotions and adding levels. When she's crying, she's not just crying, when she's yelling, she's not just yelling, and when she's berating someone, the pain she feels behind her eyes is so incredibly realistic, your heart can't help but break.

    Rue telling Jules that meeting her is her biggest regret

    For example, I could wax poetic about the scene when Rue unpacks all of her anger on Jules in a fiery rage, and then her voice breaks as she struggles to catch her breath...

    Zendaya's brilliance is pretty evident IMO, but I'm obviously not the only person who thinks it. She already won one Emmy in 2020 for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Rue in Season 1 of Euphoria. And now, fans (/all of Twitter) think she's about to sweep at the Emmys once again, for Episode 5 alone:

    my my my @Zendaya you were incredible tonight. what a TALENT are you kidding meeeee

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    and it was at this moment we knew z was getting that emmy

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    I absolutely see why everyone believes zendaya is due her next emmy for this episode. she was unrecognizable

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    we’re witnessing zendaya’s new emmy right now. sit down and observe y’all. #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBOMax

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    this is the scene they are gonna play at the emmy awards right before zendaya takes home emmy number 2 #euphoria

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    Pretty sure Zendaya just secured an Emmy in 10 minutes

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    all i know is that zendaya is gonna bag another emmy

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    Just a heads up - #Zendaya is absolutely going to win another Emmy nom for the next episode of #Euphoria

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    Just give the emmy to zendaya already there's no need for award show and nominees girl did it in less than 10 minutes #EuphoriaHBO

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    zendaya is truly one of the best actresses of her generation her second emmy is coming #EuphoriaHBO

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    Zendaya won an Emmy just now. I don’t even need to see who else is nominated.

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    So, yeah. Zendaya ATE. In summary:


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