Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Brought Down The House With His People's Choice Award Speech Dedicating His Award To A Make-A-Wish Recipient

    "Shusan, would you please join me?"

    Last night, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson won the People's Champion Award at the People's Choice Awards.

    He was recognized for his contributions to society and for being a fan favorite who "transcends all demographics" — aka a true champion of the people.

    The Rock acknowledging people onstage and smiling

    He began his acceptance speech talking about his last meeting with Muhammad Ali (the OG "People's Champion") at a Make-A-Wish event, and he added that he's since come to find new meaning in the term: "What it means to be the People's Champion is so much bigger than me..."

    The Rock then threw everybody for a loop when he invited a teen Make-A-Wish recipient, Shusan, on stage.

    Shusan onstage in a beautiful fringe dress next to The Rock

    Shusan looked completely flabbergasted to suddenly be invited on stage in front of thousands of Hollywood royalty, but, tbh, she handled it like a pro.

    Shushana in the crowd at the award show

    And then he GAVE her his award!!! *sobs.*

    Shusan received a standing ovation.

    The Rock took home three other awards last night in addition to People's Champion, including Male Movie Star of 2021, Male TV Star of 2021, and Social Star of 2021.

    But this was really the only moment that mattered.

    You can watch The Rock's full speech here:

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