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    I Didn't Understand The Thirst For Timothée Chalamet, But Then I Saw "Dune"

    I get it now, guys.

    🚨 Warning: Dune spoilers below!! 🚨

    I come to you today with heavy hands, ready to admit defeat.

    Timothée making an OK with his hand
    Academy Awards / Via

    Like millions of other people, I saw Dune over the weekend, and I can officially say with full confidence that I get it now. I get why so many of y'all are ready to lay down your lives for a one Timothée Chalamet.

    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    For so long, I have been consistently confused with the obsession over old Timmy.

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    Obviously, the man is attractive, but I didn't think he was at a level that justified the passionate declarations of love I consistently see for him across social media.

    Every shot of #TimothéeChalamet in #Dune should be framed and hung in a museum

    @zachbgilbert / HBO Max / Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @zachbgilbert

    I thought he was hot in the way that the tall, gangly theater kid you had a crush on in high school was hot.

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    But boy was I wrong. 

    Let me preface by saying, I've seen almost all of Timothée's movies, but it wasn't until Dune that I truly understood.

    Cornelius Fudge saying "he's back" with the "back scratched out and changed to "hot"
    Warner Bros.

    The man ENTERED the screen in the first five minutes with a jawline ready to cut glass.

    Timothée looking tense at dinner table
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    Although, I was not a fan of the "Voice" thing. He sounded like Decepticon in Transformers

    And then he's out here looking all proper and important.

    Paul from Dune wearing a suit and his hair pushed back
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    It feels like a crime to let him walk around in this slightly unbuttoned, white shirt.

    Paul from Dune with a white cotton shirt about to compete in a combat training
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    He has a way of carrying himself that just screams, "I'd make it about you."

    Paul from Dune walking with his hands behind his baack
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    Also, anytime he was in a scene with Jason Momoa I...felt things.

    Jason Momoa putting his hand on Timothée's back
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    But I think what really did it for me was the utmost RESPECT he has for all people and all cultures.

    Paul meeting the woman who designed his insulation suit and thanking her
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    Yes, the bar is truly so low. 

    Well, that and his wind-swept hair.

    Paul out in the desert with his hair blowing in the wind
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    I could write sonnets about his hair. 

    Like, are you kidding me???

    Paul looking sexual with his curly hair
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    It should also be noted that 75% of my attraction to him is because of Zendaya/increases when he's with Zendaya.

    Zendaya looking concerned in Dune
    HBO Max / Warner Bros.

    Being in a movie with Zendaya makes him instantly hotter. 

    But nevertheless, I can now officially re-enter society as a simp for Timothée Chalamet.

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