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    19 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The "Never Have I Ever" Cast That You'll For Sure Love If You Also Binge-Watched The Series

    "My mom doesn't tell me how to live my life. Megan Thee Stallion does."

    Never Have I Ever is back!!

    Netflix / Via

    The hit Netflix show returned last week, and just like with every show I binge-watch, I also obsessively stalk the cast on social media.

    Netflix / Via

    So, in honor of Never Have I Ever's return, here are 19 photos of this super, stellar cast behind-the-scenes.

    1. This throwback from Season 1 that Maitreyi calls "a simpler time" for Team Ben.

    2. This adorable car pic for Team Paxton fans.

    3. Their first ever table read.

    4. Jaren re-creating Ben's realization at the dance. So meta.

    5. When Maitreyi posted this adorable photo for Mindy Kaling's birthday.

    6. Let's show some love for this BTS Feviola pic.

    7. These super-candid BTS photos from Season 1.

    8. And then some more candid photos of Season 1.

    9. In case you needed more of a reason to simp over Darren Barnet...

    10. Maitreyi's photo proof that it was indeed Devi in the cricket costume.

    11. These classy cast pics.

    12. We love a good car moment.

    13. And then this cute photo from a post-car moment.

    14. The whole cast's cute but awkward goodbye to Season 1 that they filmed while walking to Universal Studios.

    15. Maitreyi's appreciation post for the "aunties."

    16. This Season 1 wrap pic.

    17. The cutest niece-aunt duo out there.

    18. These BTS photos to remind us that, oh yeah, they filmed in a pandemic.

    19. And finally, the friend trio that has wormed their way into all of our hearts.

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