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    Every Time Ariana Grande Was A Perfect Human On The Season 21 Premiere Of "The Voice"

    "I will have a baby for you to be on my team."

    If you're an Arianator who only knew about The Voice Season 21 premiere because Ariana Grande posted it on Instagram, and you only started caring about The Voice because she's on it, and you are now only watching the show to see Ariana and fill a small part of the void from not seeing her in concert this year — please stand up.

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    Now that we're all here, let's talk about the premiere!


    Oh, and for anyone who isn't aware, The Voice is a reality competition show where contestants audition in front of a panel of judges — Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, and Ariana — in hopes that a judge picks them for their "team" and helps them perfect their craft, before the finale, where one winner is crowned.

    The judges sitting in their seats
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    First of all, hats off to all of these contestants, because if I had to sing in front of Ariana, I'd simply ~pass out.~

    Reese Witherspoon saying she's a fan
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    (Honestly, I'd pass out if I had to sing in front of any of them.)

    Second, the Coach Performance was incredible. John and Blake kicked it off with "Hold On, I'm Coming" by Sam & Dave, and then Kelly and Ariana brought it home with a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Respect."

    The two sets of coaches performing together
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    Ari gets points immediately for somehow managing to Ariana Grande–ify her cowgirl look.

    Ariana singing, with an arrow pointing from the caption "like, the pearls what" to the pearls she's wearing
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    Then the auditions started with this one by Girl Named Tom.

    Trio, one with a guitar, performing onstage
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    Even though all four judges turned their chairs, Kelly won this one. 

    Contestant Katie Rae came out with her belty, raspy voice, and Ari couldn't resist.

    Katie performing, and Ariana saying, "I know you and Kelly have babies, but I will HAVE a baby for you to be on my team"
    NBC / Peacock

    Honestly, a solid offer. 

    And when John tried to plead his case, Ari was like, "Thank u, next" (literally).

    John says, "I would love to work with you—" and Ariana interrupts by playing, "Thank u, next"
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    Blake then had his first win of the night when Peedy Chavis chose him, and thus, Blake's "win cam" began.

    Peedy smiling and then he appears with Blake in his "win cam"
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    Ari shared her thoughts:

    Ariana said she doesn't think of Blake's win cam
    NBC / Peacock

    The first time a contestant sang and no one turned their chair, Ari had this sincere response:

    Ariana says, "Why did no one tell me how difficult it was to see someone with no chairs turned?"
    NBC / Peacock

    A genuine queen.

    This contestant did have a super-cute interaction — even if no one turned their chair — after she told Ariana she met her at a meet and greet six years ago and brought photos to prove it.

    Ariana asks, "Oh my god, can I keep one??" as she looks at many small photos of her with the contestant
    NBC / Peacock

    Oh, and can't forget this moment:

    A contestant said "I'm obsessed with you" and Ariana stood up to pose
    NBC / Peacock

    Also, Ari talked to the audience so much, it was so wholesome.

    Ari said "Hi, new audience"
    NBC / Peacock

    And every time, without fail, they screamed at the top of their lungs, "WE LOVE YOU!!!"

    OK, but one of the genuinely cutest, purest, most adorable coach moves ever was Ari making her lil' wellness boxes for her team members.

    Ari smiling and touching a wellness kit on the table, and a close-up of the contents: ginger honey drops, pastilles, tea bags, and bromelain 500 mg supplements
    NBC / Peacock

    She packed them with teas, honey, and other supplements to provide "longevity" to their voices.

    And also when she gave contestant Wendy Moten this perfect compliment.

    Ari said it was a privilege for  Julio Iglesias, Vince Gill, and John Oates to have shared a stage with Wendy
    NBC / Peacock

    This was her reaction to not being chosen by Wendy.

    I am heartbroken. My earth is shattered
    NBC / Peacock

    Basically, count me in as a regular Voice viewer.

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    What were your thoughts about the season premiere of The Voice? Lemme know below!