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    Anthony Ramos Just Revealed He Didn't Get The Role When He First Auditioned For "In The Heights" As A Teenager

    Lord, give me some paciencia y fe.

    In the Heights is a cinematic masterpiece — a Broadway show brought to life on the big screen.

    Anthony Ramos and his co-stars dancing outside
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    And, of course, with its fair share of criticism as well. 

    Anthony Ramos stuns as Usnavi, and it's hard to imagine anyone else being more perfect for the role.

    Usnavi staring out a window
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    But apparently, there was once a time when that was indeed the case.

    CBS / Via

    In a recent interview with Trevor Noah, Anthony revealed that this year's movie wasn't his first run with In the Heights, and that he was initially rejected from his first audition.

    Anthony says, "Look man, I'm grateful. I auditioned for this show when I was 19 and didn't get it"
    Comedy Central / Via

    He then went on to explain how he later landed a role with In the Heights for a production in Utah.

    Comedy Central / Via

    But I still can't get over his initial rejection.

    Kamala looking shocked and asking, "come again?"
    Biden Inauguration Committee / Via

    You're telling me that this perfectly talented, adorable human being was almost left out of the entire production??

    NBC / Via

    Life as we know it would be over.

    THANK GOD, he finally met Lin-Manuel Miranda, who must have seen his potential and cast him in Hamilton.

    Comedy Central / Via

    As a lifelong theater nerd, I understand that casting is often very subjective and there are millions of variables that could sometimes prevent a perfectly talented person from getting a deserved role...but STILL.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda emphatically shaking his head and saying, "that's crazy!"
    NBC / Via

    In the Heights wouldn't be the same without you, Anthony!

    Warner Bros. / Via

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