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    17 Photos Of Japan 7-Eleven Items That Put American 7-Elevens To Shame

    BRB, moving to Japan.

    7-Eleven is a US staple. Embarking on a family road trip and swinging by 7-Eleven for a quick Slurpee for the drive... Ah, memories.

    After talking to fellow BuzzFeed staffer Keijiro, I was curious to see how 7-Eleven stores in Japan differ from those in the US. So, we decided to compare 7-Eleven products in our two respective cities: Tokyo and Los Angeles. Here's what we found:

    Note: This was a collaborative post. US item beats were written by Andria, and Japan item beats were written by Keijiro. 

    1. Every 7-Eleven in the US has some sort of coffee machine with assorted creamers, and usually an iced coffee option.

    Iced coffee machine and two hot coffee machines

    2. In Japan, you can choose from hot lattes, coffees, or a premium Kilimanjaro blend.

    Japanese cups of coffee in different flavors

    3. Beef jerky is a common US 7-Eleven snack item that comes in multiple flavors and brands.

    American-style beef jerky in red packaging

    4. Beef jerky is also common at Japanese 7-Elevens, but dried squid has even more flavor choices.

    Dried squid in packaging

    5. The US 7-Eleven ice cream selection is always spot on.

    Ice cream treats in a fridge

    6. In Japan, 7-Eleven has no Snickers ice cream bar, but there are always premium 7-Eleven original ice creams. There is a rich selection of sweets too.

    Japanese ice cream treats

    7. Pretty sure they don't even sell these powdered donuts in grocery stores, and only at US 7-Elevens.

    package of powdered donuts

    8. Likewise in Japan, they sell pastries and breads specific to 7-Eleven.

    three breaded pastries with assorted stuffing

    My favorite is the pull-apart chocolate cream bread.

    chocolate stuffed pastry

    9. In the US, most 7-Elevens offer a variety of hot dogs and condiments.

    hot dogs roasting on a spike

    10. Japan 7-Eleven doesn't have traditional American hot dogs, but they do have corn dogs, meat buns, and oden (a Japanese soup usually filled with boiled egg, fishcakes, etc.).

    Meat buns, soup, and corn dog with ketchup and mustard

    11. Or you can grab a bowl of soba noodles with spicy green onions.

    bowl of noodles

    12. US 7-Elevens also usually offer whole pizzas or by the slice, as well as assorted chicken wings and skewers.

    Assorted pizzas and chicken wings in a glass, hot case

    13. In Japan, it's common to grab an onigiri (Japanese rice ball stuffed with fish and wrapped in seaweed) and pair it with a hot bottle of green tea.

    Hot green tea in a bottle and rice wrapped with fish and seaweed

    14. Of course, in the US, Slurpees are a 7-Eleven staple. Cherry, blue raspberry, Coke, and sometimes a random flavor are all frozen and ready to be slurped.

    Different Slurpee flavors

    15. In Japan, only a few 7-Eleven stores have Slurpee machines. However, there are plenty of other options for cold beverages, like this yuzu (citrus fruit) and lemon drink.

    16. And finally, Funyuns are a popular US 7-Eleven snack.

    Onion ring flavored chips

    17. In Japan, cracker and chip options range from cheese corn chips, edamame chips, and almond cookies.

    Cheese corn chips, edamame flavored chips, and almond cookies

    What are your favorite 7-Eleven snacks? Let us know in the comments below!