The Beauty Of A Second

190 years ago Nicolas Rieussec measured the fifth of a second. The Chronograph was born. Montblanc is celebrating this invention with a new line of Chronographs, and a very short film-contest. To honor the precision of watch making and time measurement, we present The Beauty of a Second. The project lives online on THE CHALLENGE The idea for The Beauty of a Second is to capture beauty within one second, as the title indicates – a tribute to one of the smallest units of time. We ask video makers – professionals, amateurs, cell-phone avids and hobby-photographers – to submit one-second videos of beauty to to compete for the first prize; a trip to Berlin during the Berlin Film Festival and the Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph watch itself. Submission timeframe: 1st round: September 23rd – October 18th 2nd round: October 19th – November 15th 3rd round: November 16th – December 13th Every second counts!

andrg • 6 years ago