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Top 11 Ann-Jectives Given By Leslie Knope

Who doesn't want a friend like Leslie?

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1. "Ann, You Beautiful Spinster"

2. "Ann, you beautiful, rule-breaking moth."

3. "You beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby"

4. "Ann, you beautiful tropical fish."

5. "You are a beautiful, talented, powerful musk ox."

6. "Ann, you handsome, genius child."

7. “You’re Ann Perkins! Sperm that is worthy of your perfect eggs does not grow on trees.”

8. "Ann, you magnificent tree of life."

9. “Nobody can fill your shoes, Ann, with those tiny little doll feet.”

10. "I mean, you’re always beautiful, but right now you’re the most beautiful, glowing, sun goddess ever.”

11. “Ann, you poetic, noble land-mermaid.”

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