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    The 7 Best Puns Carlos From "The Magic School Bus" Ever Made

    Let's not forget who the true king of comedy was.

    1. "I'll write it! It'll be all about an ant with a long nose called ElephANT. Get it?!"

    2. "They want to know if we're wearing the same deodorANT"

    3. "You're a PhoeBEE. And you're a FrizBEE"

    4. "It's streaking through thin air..." "Come on Arnold! It'd be pretty hard to streak through FAT AIR"

    5. "Oh no! Our banana floats!" "That's okay. I like banana splits more. HA."

    6. "Man... This is what I call an inside job!"

    7. "Oh man! We're salmon eggs!" "I guess the yolk's on us!"

    But no matter what, he's everyone's favorite!