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16 Struggles Of Having Watched A Show No One’s Seen

Anyone? Anyone? Someone HAS to have seen this show.

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1. When you pick a favorite character, but can't talk about them

2. People say that you talk about your favorite character too much

3. You've spent hours looking up the attractive people in the show to see if you can marry them

4. When you find your one true OTP

But everyone is like "Who? What?"

5. You don't understand why everyone's talking about other couples, when the best couple ever is in THIS SHOW.

6. All of the characters are your precious children, but no one understands the love you give them

7. Your favorite character ends up betraying you, so you don't know who you can trust anymore.

People would understand if they would just WATCH.

8. You pray to the old gods and the new that the show's completely on Netflix.


9. Or you find out that it was never renewed after the first season.

10. Post show, you're just a walking husk of who you once were

But no one understands the darkness that surrounds you.

11. And you need to be consoled because the show's over, but there's no one around who understands.

12. You've yelled at someone who said that you have a problem

13. You find one person to watch the show with, but then they tell you they stopped watching

14. You try to talk to others about the show, but they say they heard it was bad so they never watched it.


15. Then someone says that they've seen the show, but it turns out they're LIARS

16. But then you realize that you should watch whatever you please because you deserve it.

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