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10 Pixar Secrets We Learned From The Pixar D23 Panel

Plot twists, secrets, and new characters! Oh my.

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1. Woody was a jerk in Toy Story.

But it turns out audiences don't like mean protagonists.

2. Dean Hardscrabble was a originally a male scarer in Monsters University.

Until Dame Helen Mirren came into the picture.

3. “Charles Muntz” would be revealed to be Muntz’s evil nephew in Up.

4. Remy had a family that was exterminated by humans.

Hello darkness my old friend.

5. Mike and Sully would have accidentally escaped into the human world 20 minutes into Monsters University

Even with the title, the movie would have mostly taken place there!

6. Joy and Fear were originally paired up!

As opposed to Joy and Sadness. Sequel anyone?

7. The Yeti in Monsters, Inc. served as more of a marriage therapist between Mike and Sulley.

Nothing brings together people (or monsters) like yellow snow cones.

8. Toy Story’s ending included a reference to The Shining, with Little Dolly saying, “Red rum.”

Because that wouldn't have been frightening at all.

9. Brave was originally set in the snow winter!

If given the option, Pixar would go back and change the weather!

10. The Pixar Theory is NOT real.

“Do you know what kinds of meetings we’d have to have to make sure all our movies line up?!” del Carmen remarked.

You can't stop me from believing DAD.

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