23 Tough Guy Lessons Taught By Sylvester Stallone

No pain, no gain.

1. There is absolutely no such thing as being too prepared.

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2. Put work before EVERYTHING. Your family will always be there. There’s always another graduation around the corner.

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3. DO NOT throw in the towel, especially if your face looks like a sagging bag of crabapples. That’s how you know you’re winning.

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4. Living in the past is the only way to live. The future is for chumps. Three seashells? What’s that?

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5. Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.

Orion Pictures / Via sylvesterrstallone.tumblr.com

6. If your breakfast can’t be prepared and consumed in ten seconds or less, you’re ~losing~ valuable time and are therefore a loser.

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7. Outgunned? Undermanned? As long as you look the coolest, you’ll emerge the victor. Please note: Aviators and grenades.

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8. With the right background music, anything and everything can be accomplished.

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9. If authority is preventing you from being yourself, defy it dramatically.

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10. Sure, keep your enemies close, but keep your friends way closer. You guys might want to collab for a movie someday.

United Artists / toddstv.tumblr.com

Lionsgate / gamemoir.com


11. There is no problem, big or small, that you can’t tackle ENTIRELY alone.

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13. “Amateur” and “professional” are just words. They literally don’t mean anything. They were invented by losers.

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14. Don’t forget: hospitals are for wimps.

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15. Anything and everything is a potential piece of exercise equipment. Improvisation works better than the “real” thing anyway.

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16. Don’t let the haters in. If you think you look good, you look good.

New World Pictures / Via tiredtangerine.tumblr.com

17. Don’t let failure get you down. There will ALWAYS be a second chance. And a third chance, a fourth chance, a fifth chance, and a sixth chance.


18. There’s no such thing as a dead or dying career. Age? What even is that?

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Columbia Pictures / Via strangeherring.com

19. It doesn’t matter who drew blood first. What matters is who draws it last.

TriStar Pictures / Via lastdaysofandrewjara.tumblr.com

20. Winning is everything. Don’t let the losers try to tell you otherwise.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via youtube.com

21. There is nothing more motivating than a worthy adversary. Don’t have one? Make one!

Warner Bros. / scar-alboz.tumblr.com

Warner Bros. / jillsandwich.tumblr.com


22. If you don’t get what you want right away, scream until you do.

United Artists / Via youtube.com

23. Focus on your strengths, and push them to their absolute limits.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via stallonezone.com

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