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    22 Bathrooms I Would Absolutely HATE To Poop In

    Just thought I'd share.

    If there's one thing we can all agree on — and this really might be the only thing — it's that the best place to take a big poop is at home in your very own bathroom.

    One of life's sad realities is that pooping at home isn't always an option. Sometimes, we just have to settle for the nearest bathroom. And oftentimes, the nearest bathroom is a horror show.

    WELL, here are 22 bathrooms that I pray I'll never have to poop in.

    1. I would really hate to sit on this seat.

    2. God help me if I ever have to wipe with this.

    3. Say it with me now: NO...

    4. ...CARPETED...

    5. ...BATHROOMS.

    6. No one should ever have to take a dump this far from the toilet paper roll.

    7. Private? I hope this restroom is in the military.

    8. 0/10 would not like to shit here.

    9. This is just unacceptable.

    10. Too cramped.

    11. Too open.

    12. Just because I love a good open concept home doesn't mean I'd like to shit right in the middle of one.

    13. I think I'd fall off this thing.

    A toilet seat that's crooked because it isn't screwed on tightly enough

    14. Isn't pooping in public enough work already?

    15. POV: It's an emergency and you have to sit on this cold porcelain rim.

    16. This is the number one bathroom I'd most hate to take a number two in.

    17. This toilet is my personal nightmare.

    A toilet seat with a big grinning face decal on it

    18. I don't care if this isn't what we all thought it was. Next!

    19. Gap in the stall + no lock = no bathroom I want to poop in.

    20. This is a funny door. You know what's not funny? Having to poop behind it.

    21. This scenario just gave me anxiety diarrhea.

    22. Finally, any bathrooms that require this signage should be avoided.

    Well that's all. What's the worst toilet you've ever had to poop in? Tell us about it in the comments!