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    Working Out On Instagram Vs. Working Out In Reality

    Do you even 'gram bro?

    Getting suited up on Instagram.

    Getting suited up in reality.

    Flickr: heatherweaver / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: heatherweaver

    Protein shakes on Instagram.

    Protein shakes in reality.

    Bravo / Via

    Pre-workout stretch on Instagram.

    Pre-workout stretch in reality.

    Bench pressing on Instagram.

    Bench pressing in reality.

    Doing squats on Instagram.

    Doing squats in reality.

    Working up a sweat on Instagram.

    Working up a sweat in reality.

    Doing push ups on Instagram.

    Doing push ups in reality.

    Doing sit-ups on Instagram.

    Doing sit-ups in reality.

    Pilates on Instagram.

    Pilates in reality.

    Running on Instagram.

    Running in reality.

    Taking a water break on Instagram.

    Taking a water break in reality.

    Showtime / Via

    Going on a bike ride on Instagram.

    Going on a bike ride in reality.

    Pushing limits on Instagram.

    Pushing limits in reality.

    Flickr: andycarvin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: andycarvin

    Post-workout activity on Instagram.

    Post-workout activity in reality.

    Flickr: clintjcl / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: clintjcl

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