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    Why "Cat People" And "Dog People" Don't Actually Exist

    Oh you're a _ _ _ person?! End the exclusion!

    I'm sure by now, you've heard somebody say: "I'm a cat person," or "I'm more of a dog person."

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    It's a war that's been waged since the beginning of time.

    On average, "dog people" have been known to be more social, more outgoing.

    While "cat people" have been known to be less social, more introverted.

    Dogs are loveably dirty, highly social, and perpetually excited.

    Cats are fastidiously clean, fiercely independent, and constantly curious.

    But are dogs and cats really all that different?

    Jindos are a breed of dog that are avid climbers, much like cats.

    And Basenjis groom themselves (and each other), and don't bark.

    Alternatively, Turkish Vans are a cat breed known for their loyalty to their owners and their love for swimming.

    While the Manx is a breed that is known for their social tendencies, their ability to respond to commands, and their love for playing fetch.


    But the Manx isn't the only breed that plays fetch... far from it.

    Some cats get walked.

    Some dogs can be trained to use a litter box.

    And who says cats aren't great pets for socialites?

    Social people go out a lot, and cats can be left alone for hours at a time.


    They'll only get into a minimal amount of shenanigans.

    And there is no greater homebody buddy than a dog.

    Most importantly, contrary to popular belief, many dogs and cats love each other dearly.

    If they can get along, why can't we?

    So the next time someone tells you they're a _ _ _ person, tell them you're an animal person!

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