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23 People Who Have No Idea How Walmart's Facebook Page Works

"Air conditioners" H/T/r/oldpeoplefacebook

1. This person trying to beat the heat.

2. This hopeful member of Walmart.

3. This person who most definitely did not work at Walmart.

4. This person who's fed up with you.

5. This detective.

6. This person who can't find the pizza rolls.

7. This person who just wants to wish Jon a happy birthday.

8. This photo sharer.

9. This person who's flirting with the idea of shopping at Walmart.

10. This frantic caller.

11. This corn enthusiast.

12. This wise sage.

13. This curious shopper.

14. This snack-food junkie.

15. This Sarah Silverman fan.

16. This fashionista.

17. This person who wants to unlike Walmart.

18. This victim of humiliation.

19. This meta sharer.

20. This new retiree.

21. This person who will only speak to the president.

22. This person who's just trying to brew some coffee.

23. And this concerned friend.

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