ONLY Click On This If You Grew Up Singing The Diarrhea Song

    This is very serious. Please take it seriously.


    Today we'll be exploring the various nuances of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's introspective "Piano Concerto No. 9," colloquially known as, "Diary: The Song."

    Alright, now that we've weeded out all the posers, let's get down to business. Today we'll be reminiscing about the "Diarrhea Song."

    If you think the Diarrhea Song smells — I mean sounds familiar, but you're having trouble remembering the specifics, allow me to refresh your memory.

    The baseball verses are, perhaps, the most well-known...

    When you're sliding into first and you feel a juicy burst...

    When you're sliding into second and you feel the toilet beckon...

    When you're sliding into third and you feel that liquid turd...

    When you're sliding into home and feel a mushy foam...

    It makes you wonder: Are its origins autobiographical? Did someone really poop their pants while running the bases?

    Makes ya think.

    And then we have the assorted classics...

    When you're climbing up a ladder and you hear something splatter...

    When you're riding in a Chevy and you feel something heavy...

    When you're climbing up a tree and it trickles down your knee...

    Despite pre-dating the internet, the Diarrhea Song has somehow managed to travel far and wide. Its longevity transcends generations. We may never know how far back it goes — nor should we!

    A guy just came into my work to pick something up & his phone rang & it was the "diarrhea" song. He's older than me. So much for growing up😂

    Of course, who could forget it? It's the greatest folk song of all time.

    My husband just serenaded me with The Diarrhea Song. And people say romance is dead.

    Not to have perfect musical preferences but my favorite song is "The Diarrhea Song" by Everyone

    Its true... No one can resist a diarrhea song #BeingMaryJane

    It has inspired many, both consciously...

    I can't get the diarrhea song out of my head.

    ...and unconsciously.

    I wish this were a joke but it’s not....a local attorney has a theme song for a commercial that is the exact same tune as the diarrhea song.

    I, myself, was shocked to discover that not everyone is familiar with the Diarrhea Song. My heart goes out to these people.

    I've never heard of the diarrhea song lol!

    But fear not, it lives on. Each day, somewhere in the world, a child learns the Diarrhea Song.

    Introduced my 10-year-old daughter to The Diarrhea Song tonight, so classical epic poetry is now safe for another generation.

    My son asked me to google the diarrhea song lyrics for his bedtime song.

    Four year old just found out that Alexa will play the diarrhea song when you ask so that’s happening nonstop. Merry Christmas

    16 September 2016. Marked for eternity as the day the children learned, and brought home, The Diarrhea Song. PTL!

    linda just sang a lil diarrhea song and gene said, with feeling, "i love you mom"

    Please, if you'd all be so kind, share your favorite Diarrhea Song verse in the comments below. The world needs it right now.