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18 Real-Life Struggles Of Having A Unibrow

Because two is always better than one.

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Sesame Workshop / Via

1. As a kid, you were probably hit with some pretty brutal look-a-like comparisons.

Children's Television Workshop

2. As a teenager, they didn't get any better.

20th Century Fox

3. Your unibrow is a feature that people can't seem to help but ogle at. It's as if it offends them on a personal level.

4. You might even have people lining up around the corner to ask you if they can "do your eyebrows."

5. You probably learned early on: there are a plethora of wrong ways to tackle this problem.

6. You might have thought a shaggy haircut could cover it up.

Thinkstock / Maria Teijeiro

7. Or a hat pulled very low. Can't see? That means it's working.

New Line Cinema / Via

8. You're used to going above and beyond to deflect attention away from the middle of your face.

Cartoon Network / Via

9. You'd lay awake at night wondering why other people were blessed with two distinct brows.

Thinkstock / Preslav

10. And you cursed the genetics that graced you with only one.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

11. You somehow convinced yourself that shaving your unibrow wouldn't be a complete disaster. You were wrong.

Flickr: modenadude / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: modenadude

12. But sooner or later, you learned that there's only one tool for this crucial task.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

13. Once it was gone, you'd acquire unibrow-amnesia. "Me with a unibrow? Are you sure you're not mistaking me for someone else?"

Mark Rober / Via

14. But at home, you'd be plucking away and destroying the evidence. It's a job that never ends.

Thinkstock / Paul Mahar

15. You learned quickly that with plucking comes redness.

Thinkstock / fotyma

16. And that you'd better leave yourself at least an hour before walking out the door. No one can know your secret.

Universal Picture

17. Your hilarious friends constantly recommend the same Halloween costume to you--a joke that never seems to get old.

18. One thing is for sure: you admire and respect those brave few who have owned the look completely. ~solidarity~

Nick Laham / Getty

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