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If You Need A Good, Wholesome Laugh, These 21 Things Should Do The Trick

You won't nervous laugh or mean-spirited laugh β€” YOU'LL HAPPY LAUGH!

1. This five-year-old's sense of humor:

@MrAdamRex / Via Twitter: @MrAdamRex

2. This dad's friend Mike:

@monicaheisey / Via Twitter: @monicaheisey

3. This backlash:

u/emitree / Via

4. Quincy:

u/lvdybird / Via

5. This wise companion:


6. This iteration of an old meme:

u/albo_underhill / Via

7. And this other iteration on an old meme:

@SimplyDop3 / Via Twitter: @SimplyDop3

8. This chicken defender:

u/PLAN3TM3 / Via

9. This grandma:

u/drDOOM_is_in / Via

10. And this PornHub comment:

u/green_vegetal / Via

11. And this YouTuber:

u/mvpetefish / Via

12. This alpaca's perfect name:

13. This money well spent:

@davidfarrier / Via Twitter: @davidfarrier

14. This bright idea:

@michael_raphone / Via Twitter: @michael_raphone

15. This amazing interaction:

@silence__kit / Via Twitter: @silence__kit

16. This bold rabbit:

u/TonyQuark / Via

17. This kind comment:

u/germancc / Via

18. These close objects:

u/webmistress105 / Via

19. These kind words:

@kristygee / Via Twitter: @kristygee

20. This complete package:

@scotty_boyy3 / Via Twitter: @scotty_boyy3

21. Finally, you:

u/NotAnurag / Via

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