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Send Us Pictures Of Your Celebrity Look-A-Like Baby

Have you always thought your baby looks like Tom Hanks?

If there's one thing people love more than babies, it's gotta be celebrities. They're both so great!

I'm no doctor — and I'm certainly no scientist — but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say most babies just look like their parents.

MOST babies, that is. But not all babies. Some babies randomly look like celebrities. Take, for example, this baby who looks like Wallace Shawn.

Recently it’s been brought to my attention that my baby looks like Vizzini from The Princess Bride

Not to mention the countless John Legend babies that have surfaced in recent years.

My nephew looks like John Legend lol

Does YOUR baby* look like a celebrity? Would you like to share your little doppelgänger with the world? If so, submit photos using the Dropbox below — and tell us who they look like — for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community article and/or video!

*You must be the legal guardian.