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    21 Reminders You Had The "Cool Parents" Growing Up

    If your friends were jealous of your parents, you know who you are.

    1. As a child, you probably had a bedtime, but you learned right away that there's NOTHING that's not negotiable.

    2. Your parents always fully committed to helping you get the coolest halloween costume year after year.

    3. You always had the newest gaming system, no matter how long mom or dad had to stand in line to get it.

    4. You got to see every R-rated movie that your friends weren't allowed to see.

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    5. Similarly, the M-rated video games always managed to find their way into your gaming library.

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    6. And parental advisory only meant that it was ~advised~ that your parents buy you this cool CD.

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    7. You had more pets than all of your friends combined and all of your friends' friends combined.

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    8. It went without saying: Sleepovers were ALWAYS OK.

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    Asking permission was just a formality.

    9. If any of your friends ever ran away from home, they knew exactly where to go: your house.

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    10. Swearing with regularity was frowned upon, but not something you ever got punished for.

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    11. In high school, curfews were lightly enforced — that is, if you even had them to begin with.

    12. You always got to bring a friend along on family vacations.

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    Some lucky kids even got to bring two.

    13. If you ever got into trouble at school, they always took your side, no matter how dumb the reason for the trouble was.

    14. You received your weekly allowance regardless of your weekly chore performance.

    15. There was always room at the dinner table for a close friend.

    16. And dessert after dinner wasn't something you needed to earn.

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    17. Your cupboards were always stacked with the best snack foods.

    18. If you had a saxophone, a drum set, a karate uniform, and/or a skateboard, it was probably because your parents indulged every one of your lofty ambitions.

    19. They'd always provide rides to and from wherever you wanted to go, no questions asked.

    20. You probably had a television... IN YOUR BEDROOM.

    21. The greatest mark of parental coolness: If you were faking sick to miss school, you never had to put on too Oscar-worthy of a performance.

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    Cheers to the cool parents.

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