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    31 Things You Won't Understand If You're Not Married

    "Stop pooping. I miss you."

    1. When you're married, you need to be good at sharing.

    Marriage is about sharing (almost) everything from funny

    2. But you need to be *even better* at not sharing.

    My wife finally found out where I've been getting my frozen Snickers bars. from funny

    3. And oversharing? That just comes naturally.

    When we first started dating, our texts were flirty and sexy. Now that we're married, this is what our texts look like. from funny

    4. Marriage is about sacrifice...

    I've been married for a year now and this pretty much sums up the sacrifices we make. Mine is on the left. from funny

    5. ...flexibility...

    Large bed with many pillows on one side and only one on the other

    6. ...and compromise.

    The secret to a successful marriage (30+ years) with a shared bathroom. from funny

    7. It's also about forgiveness.

    Pettiness level 100,000,00...... My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed. from funny

    8. Nobody is perfect, so don't expect your spouse to be.

    My husband changed the toilet paper roll from funny

    9. Sometimes it's better to accept their flaws than to try to fix them.

    Two photos of same bed made well and made badly

    10. Marriage will test your patience...

    Man in the shower dressed as Worf from Star Trek
    u/amosfargus / Via

    11. ...sometimes relentlessly.

    Woke up and discovered my wife moved our coat stand yesterday. from funny

    12. So remember: Communication is key.

    Pretty much sums up my marriage.... The card I received from my wife from funny

    13. Cannot overstate how important it is to communicate with your spouse.

    A note slipped under the bathroom door that reads "Stop pooping I miss you"
    u/ModernMonk / Via

    14. Seriously, it's the best way to know for sure that your needs are being met.

    My wife and I are sitting on the couch watching tv and I hear a text, realizing I left my phone in the kitchen, I get up, go to the kitchen to check it... and its a text from my wife: Please bring the chips on your way back

    Twitter: @DocAtCDI

    15. In fact, you and your spouse probably speak a secret language that no one else speaks.

    Whenever me or my wife want Little Ceasers we send each other this picture with no context from funny

    16. You probably have your own special way of getting your message across.

    As a very giving spouse, I was not content with just cleaning the drain. I forged this masterwork for my wife's afternoon shower. from funny

    17. And they always know exactly what you mean.

    I told my husband I just wanted some "shitty earrings" for Christmas. He delivered... from funny

    18. But that doesn't mean they don't still surprise you from time to time.

    Three text messages: "Oh the things I'd like to do to you if the kids weren't around," Response: "Murder is illegal," then first person again: "You have a gift"
    u/mendicant / Via

    19. Even though they're reliably the same in the most important ways.

    He's still a happy husband :) from wholesomememes

    20. For example, no one knows how to cheer you up quite like your spouse does.

    My husband was having a crappy day at work, so I hid over 30 pairs of googly eyes all over the apartment. Some of them he won't find for a few months. from funny

    21. If you're not amused now, don't worry. You'll be laughing about it later.

    My Husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it. from funny

    22. In fact, you probably don't even realize how similar you are.

    Told these two I liked their coordinating greens. They laughed and laughed and said they hadn't noticed. Married 45 years. from MadeMeSmile

    23. Chances are you were pretty similar before you even met.

    The first time I went to my girlfriend's house over 12 years ago, the first thing I noticed is not only did we have the same fan, but we had both drawn faces on them. We've now been married for 8 years and Bill and Andrew are still with us from funny

    24. It goes without saying: You're happy you found each other.

    A silly text message exchange that ends with "I'm glad we're married" and the reply "me too"
    u/HolyBreakfast / Via

    25. Even if they can be pretty annoying sometimes...

    Social media question asks, "What is the most annoying thing about being married?" Response: "Not having her around"
    u/devolvxr / Via

    26. one's better at building you up.

    Every day when I leave the house to do something important, the last thing I hear as I go out the door is Arlene's voice saying, "You'll be great!" Amazing what that does for a person.

    Twitter: @alanalda

    27. Who else would go to such great lengths to make you feel better?

    My wife is wholesome from wholesomememes

    28. Look, no one ever said marriage was easy. So don't expect it to be easy.

    My wife put these Halloween decorations behind a door in our basement, now I need new underwear from funny

    29. But in a weird, inexplicable way, it's not that difficult, either.

    I love my wife from wholesomememes

    30. Your spouse is your best friend in the whole world.

    u/Amberlynn585 / Via

    31. And they always will be!

    What I love about my parents is that after 41 years of marriage, they still know how to embarrass their kids. from funny

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