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16 Things About Cats That Cat People Find Disgustingly Endearing

We're cat people for a reason.

1. For starters, they can fill any container imaginable.

2. They can move their ears like little satellite dishes, which they do often.

3. They're unpredictable: This is great. Don't ask me why.

4. And they all lead mysterious double lives.

5. They're good conversationalists.

6. Even when they're destructive, they're adorable!

7. They stand.

8. They spook.

9. They sploot.

10. They blep.

11. And they loaf.

12. Their feet are far too perfect and pure for this foul world.

13. And their teeth aren't half bad either.

14. They all love sinks! Every single one of them!

15. They're fancy and distinguished.

16. And they are big-time — BIG-TIME — busybodies.

And so I leave you with this: