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    17 Of The Most Suspicious Quotation Marks Ever Used

    "Church Van"

    Quotation marks are such a useful and versatile punctuation mark. They tell us when we're reading dialogue, direct speech, and a quote from a text, among other things. But one thing they shouldn't be used for is emphasis.

    Eric's Boy / Moving Pictures

    Because when you put quotes where they don't belong — well, let's just say it doesn't mean what you think it means...

    1. Translation: We're going to kill you.

    u/laughlinm / Via

    2. Translation: Stay away from this van!

    u/chad78 / Via

    3. Translation: You can't trust these fireworks.

    u/ditisdesteven / Via

    4. Translation: Call the cops.

    u/CaptainRipp / Via

    5. Translation: It's not fresh.

    u/TheMday / Via

    6. Translation: Don't ring this bell under any circumstances.

    u/ambitiousmustard / Via

    7. Translation: You can smoke and, uh, I'm not entirely sure what you're supposed to do to that toilet, but do it twice.

    u/dirtylarry08 / Via

    8. Translation: We have drugs.

    u/mobuco / Via

    9. Translation: Don't stop, mom.

    u/CompuChip / Via

    10. Translation: Don't stop here if you actually want corn.

    u/panicatthepharmacy / Via

    11. Translation: Don't eat the food here.

    u/h0i7 / Via

    12. Translation: They're not men.

    u/j_piper / Via

    13. Translation: They're not sober.

    u/quint21 / Via

    14. Translation: They don't fix Hondas, but at least it's affordable.

    u/EnderWillEndUs / Via

    15. Translation: Suitable for someone, but not mom.

    u/katzenjammer360 / Via

    16. Translation: You don't matter to them.

    u/missliza / Via

    17. Translation: It's definitely not hot and it's definitely not food.

    u/juanjing / Via

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