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You'll Only Ace These Quizzes If You're Up To Date On Celebrities

So you think you're an expert about celebrities?

1. Most People Can't Tell These Famous Siblings Apart — Can You?

Beyoncé and Solange

It's a little tricky!

2. Here Are 15 Famous Couples — Can You Guess Who's Older?

Who's Older: Priyanka Chopra or Nick Jonas?

Do you really know how old these celebs are?

3. Sorry, But If You Were Born Before 1996, There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

A very young Miley Cyrus, a young Jaden Smith, and a young Taylor Lautner

Finally, a quiz for millennial–Gen Z cuspers.

5. For These 15 Actors, Do You Instantly Think Of Their Iconic Childhood Roles Or A Current One?

Anna Chlumsky in My Girl and Anna Chlumsky in Veep
Imagine Entertainment / HBO

Do you think of Sean Astin from The Goonies or Stranger Things?

6. This "One Must Go" Quiz Is Incredibly Difficult To Answer

Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Arianna Grande — Ariana is X'ed out
Big Machine / Getty / Republic Records

All I can say is: good luck.

8. You’re An Old Soul If You Can Recognize 10/20 Of These Famous People

Cary Grant and Aretha Franklin

Welcome to the '60s...

9. If You Were BFFs With These Celeb Couples, Who Would You Support In The Breakup?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Ice cream at 3 a.m.? We’ve all been there.

10. Only 2000s Kids Will Recognize All 20 Of These Celebs

Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Aaliyah

Sure, you know Paris Hilton, but what about David Archuleta?

11. Sorry, But If You Can't Identify 6/10 Of These Celebrities, You're Officially Old

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio

Let's see how you do...

12. I Morphed 16 Famous Faces Together — Can You Guess Who's Morphed With Whom?

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth face morphed, and Elsa face morphed with Rapunzel
20th Century Fox / Marvel

I would 100% marry a Jake Gyllenhaal + Chris Pine combo.

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