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    This Easter Egg In "The Polar Express" Answers SO Many Questions

    The train can... time travel?

    The holidays are officially here, which means it's finally — FINALLY — Christmas movie season again.

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    And when it comes to Christmas movies, and Christmas in general, we're usually pretty good at suspending our disbelief.

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    Enter The Polar Express, a Christmas movie that digs deep into its themes of belief and disbelief.

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    So if I were to ask you, "how does that train have the time to pick up hundreds (possibly thousands????) of children at each of their houses, transport them to the North Pole for Christmas shenanigans, and then take them back home again in a single night?!"...

    Castle Rock Entertainment'd probably answer, "Christmas magic," or "you're completely missing the point of this movie," or even, "You need to relax."

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    All are valid responses, and while there's plenty of ~Christmas magic~ at work in The Polar Express, that's not all there is.

    Blink and you'll miss the Flux Capacitor in the train's engine room, which means — yes — the Polar Express is a time traveling train.

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    For those not in the know, the Flux Capacitor is the device that makes time travel possible in the Back to the Future trilogy.

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    And if you're doubting that the thing in the engine room is a Flux Capacitor at all (it is a little blurry), it's worth noting that Robert Zemeckis directed the Back to the Future movies AND The Polar Express.

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    So then how does the Polar Express cover so much ground in so little time? We now have an answer: TIME TRAVEL!

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