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Spell Check Isn't Advanced Enough To Save These 24 People

Yum, synonym rolls! Bone apple tea!

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1. "Lack toes in toddler ants" has nothing to do with food.

u/Connor_E / Via

2. Coma toast, on the other hand, might have something to do with food.

u/natureterp / Via

3. Colon ≠ cologne.

u/LolznTrollz / Via

4. Anus rhythms are not fatal, I promise you.

u/frookiedatookie / Via

5. There isn't a ceiling, window, or curtain named after the Sunshine State — as far as I know!

u/aritsing / Via

6. The 16th President? Not April Ham.

u/czarcasticjew / Via

7. A soonptions? Never heard of them.

u/134282 / Via

8. This is NOT...

u/Alex-Kay / Via

9. you spell...

u/submissiveswiss / Via

10. ...PARMESAN!

u/rushinglac / Via

11. Grapes don't speak.

r/BoneAppleTea / Via

12. And this isn't how children are made.

u/Treygalle / Via

13. Minus well? Why so negative?!

u/brenndog / Via

14. I'm sorry, but nothing about "day jaw food" feels oddly familiar to me.

u/Oktayey / Via

15. Sorry, "oddly for meal your."

u/tort3 / Via

16. Salmon vanilla? Nothing to worry about.

u/IAmazingI / Via

17. Die of beaties on the other hand? You might want to look into it.

u/JustinDuFont / Via

18. "Authur write this" is painful... to read.

u/UnevenSeal / Via

19. Habla gated? Habla gation? Hmm.

u/Duuhhhhhh / Via

20. Synonym is not a synonym for cinnamon.

u/demitriv / Via

21. Diarrhea've who?!

u/xXIProXx / Via

22. Em peaches? Only two presidents have had em before.

u/sawchukles / Via

23. Goody tissue ≠ goody two-shoes.

u/czarcasticjew / Via

24. I give up!

u/farragotron / Via

For more impressive misspellings, check out /r/BoneAppleTea!

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