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17 People Who Are Seriously Lacking In The Self-Awareness Department

It's a rare quality.

1. The person who's updating their Facebook status in a crisis:

u/DerthRoot / Via

2. The classmate who needs the bio notes, but only if they're typed up:

u/LanieLove9 / Via


u/Aquagenie / Via

4. And Adam:

u/justamellonhumper / Via

5. The guy who needs a miracle, but not that miracle:

u/noiwontpickaname / Via

6. The guy who thought $2 was a steep price:

u/alliwanabeiselchapo / Via

7. The picky parent who will pay only $75 for 65 hours of work:

u/goldbricker83 / Via

8. Oh and the woman who wants her prospective house-sitter to pay her:

u/SixFingersJoe / Via

9. The guy who really needs a ride but, like, for free:

u/unbelievablepeople / Via

10. The football fan who stands for the anthem but sits on the flag:

u/lionplans / Via

11. The butt of this joke:

u/Detroitman125 / Via

12. The anti-vaxxer who doesn't seem to understand the implications of their dilemma:

u/mike_pants / Via

13. The person who never stopped to consider that maybe they weren't open:

u/skeeters_mayonaise / Via

14. The guy who has no clue where he is:

u/Hopeless-Cunt / Via

15. The college student who really needed a confidence boost, I guess:

u/mike_pants / Via

16. The customers from hell:

u/SpicyHashbrowns / Via

17. And the President of the United States:

/GallowBoob / Via

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